2014 Business Christmas List: Part 1

October 14th, 2014


The holiday season is nearly upon us, very soon you will be busy running your business and trying to maximise your return on your most profitable time of the year.

The key to success is being organised and preparing ahead of time, if you spend a small amount of time writing down your plan and making sure all your staff are up to speed, you can save a lot of headaches in the coming months.

With this in mind we have outlined our thoughts on a successful holiday plan, so grab a coffee and read on…

When to start Christmas?

It sounds simple but when is Christmas? December 25th? December 24th? December 1st?

WRONG!  Christmas starts today! The sooner you prepare for Christmas, the more you will achieve, and the more success you will have.

Most high street shops really start to ramp up for the holidays after Halloween (October 31st) this makes sense as you can clear the space used by Halloween products and replace them directly with Christmas.  As an online business it is sensible to follow this lead and start to push Christmas after Halloween.

This doesn’t, however, mean leave everything to the 30th of October, in order to have stock available for the 31st you need to have ordered the stock, received it, sorted and stored it.

Do your math

Look at your stats and numbers while you have time to think! Work out what your capacity is and what your staff can handle. If you think you can sell more products than you can ship now is the time to start getting temporary staff trained up – not when you and your staff are stressed out and panicking!

Important numbers to check:

How much stock can you physically store? Look into alternative storage such as lockups, storage centres or units with short leases.

What Capital have you got to invest in stock?

Can you liquidate some assets, speak to the bank about a loan or research alternative finance sources such as Iwoca, Kabbage and Moula.

Have you got enough staff?

Do you need to take on temps? Do any of your existing staff have family or friends that need additional income? Even if you don’t think you need extra staff; take 5 minutes to work out what the cost of an additional pair of hands would be.

Do you know what your best and worse sellers are?

Look at your sales history and just confirm what your best selling items are. Work out what your worst items are and find out what your most & least profitable items are. If you need to make tough decisions about product lines it is better to have this information beforehand and share it with your team.

Try to predict trends…

Look at the wider world and try to work out what products will cause a buzz this holiday season. An example for this year would be the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Even if you don’t stock the items themselves are there any tie in products that you can stock such as cases?


It may seem simple and like extra work, but take the time to outline your procedures and plans on paper.  Write down you process from start to finish and store it in a folder where all staff have access to it. This makes life a lot easier if you suddenly need to take on staff at a busy period.

It is also useful as a reference for next year when you start the process all over again.


Make sure you are familiar with your product lines, have there been any updates you are unaware of? Have newer models been released or superseded.


Speak to suppliers, try to get better pricing and offers if you buy in bulk. Remember this will be their busiest season too so they may be willing to make a deal to guarantee a sale.

Also be sure to find out what their delivery times are as they may have changed in the run up to Christmas.


Speak to your couriers, find out who your account manager is and learn what price breaks they have for increased shipping. You may be able to lower your costs with your increased shipping – worth it even if it is only for the short term.

Other questions to ask:

  • What is the most cost effective service for you
  • Can you save money if you used smaller packaging
  • Can you do pre-paid returns

Transfering your eBay product data into Bigcommerce

October 7th, 2014

Going multi-channel can be a major step in growing your online business and has many benefits; however it can be a daunting task. Where do you start and how do you do it?

The first task is decide which channels you wish to sell on. We would always recommend selling on eBay & Bigcommerce as a great entry into multi-channel trading.

The next big challenge is replicating your data on both channels. If you have a database or spreadsheet of your products then this can be an easy task. However if your company data has grown organically then this can be a more difficult task.

One issue we often help customers with is copying their data from eBay onto Bigcommerce.
We have outlined a number of methods that should help the majority of sellers get their product information from eBay into Bigcommerce.

Let Frooition help with this fantastic whitepaper showing you 3 methods to transfer your data from eBay into Bigcommerce:

Download Free Whitepaper

Halloween Template Themes Available now!

September 30th, 2014

Halloween Template Themes

Halloween Template Themes Available now!

Get into the Halloween “spirit” with these fantastic ghoulish template themes.

Froo Template themes allows eBay sellers to instantly apply pre-designed templates to their live eBay listings. Making your listings look great has never been easier.

Adding the template to your live eBay listings is simple;

  • Choose a design
  • Add your logo
  • Fill in your seller info tabs (e.g. About, Returns, Shipping etc.)
  • Select the items you want to apply the design too
  • Apply to 200 listings in one click

Froo! Template Themes has 90 Halloween based themes available to instantly apply to all your eBay Listings today.

Even better new customers can sign up for 30 days free trial – meaning if you signup now you can have spine-chilling Halloween listings for 30 days and not pay a penny!

Another great feature of Froo! Template Themes is you can apply different themes to different products; meaning you can use a creepy template for your Halloween related products and a clean modern theme for your electronics.

After the trial Froo template themes is just £2.50 per month for access to over 6,000 designs!!

Sign up to  Template Themes

Thoughts from a Frooition Account Manager…

September 23rd, 2014

We have asked one of our Account managers, Kelvin Lewis, to tell us the mobile design
tips and tricks he passes on to his customers ahead of the busy Christmas period:

Kelvin Lewis Frooition Mobile Design Consultant

Hi, I’m Kelvin, an account manager here at Frooition.  My role is to speak to prospective clients to work out how Frooition can help their online business as well as assisting existing customers to further improve their sales.

As an account manager I am always looking for ways to help my customers improve their eBay and eCommerce experiences.

One of the hottest points for this year is Mobile commerce and mobile design. This affects both eBay and other channels such as eCommerce websites.

If you set your mobile design strategy correctly you can expect to benefit from extra traffic while maximizing sales.

Why do you need to think about mobile design?

  • 2013 saw 30% of all eBay sales being touched by mobile
  • Last year saw a 130% increase in mobile usage on eBay
  • Mobile design increases sales by 5%+ on eBay, more for eCommerce sites
  • Mobile optimized pages increase readability and decrease the time to make a purchasing decision
  • As mobile speeds increase (with the introduction of 4G) more and more people are using mobile devices instead of desktop computers

What do you need to think about with regards to mobile commerce and mobile design

  • Do your pages / listings actually work on mobile – if you use old technology such as flash then pages may not even display on mobile devices. Fixed width tables can lead to an awkward experience.
  • Is your content readable? If you use small fonts on a wide page then this leads the buyer to need to pinch and zoom to read the content which is an awkward experience, leads to important information being missed and detracts from sales.
  • Are your listings/pages slow? If your images are huge and not optimized they can take a long time to load on a broadband connection, this problem is much worse on slower mobile connections. If a listing takes too long then buyers assume it’s broken and go elsewhere.

Here at Frooition we are aware of the challenges of mobile commerce and have tailored our services to help sellers react to the changing world of eCommerce.

We have been working closely with eBay to create a brand newmobile design listing template that adapts your listings to fit the buyer’s device. This creates a great shopping experience and increases sales.

We have also recently re-engineered our Bigcommerce eCommerce website services to offer responsive mobile designs that fit all devices.

All of our images are full optimized and we use super fast CDN hosting to ensure load times are as fast as possible without skimping on great looking design.

Obviously the easiest way to be mobile ready is to let Frooition help you by creating a mobile responsive design for your eBay and eCommerce sites.

If you would like to speak to me or one of my fellow experts the click here and we can arrange a call.

However for sellers who are not yet ready for a Frooition design there are a few simple tips you can follow:

  • Don’t use fixed widths for your design – use percentage widths so the whole page is 100%
  • Add CSS to images so the max width is 100% e.g.
    <img src='IMAGEPATH' style='max-width:100%;'>
    This way the image will not go off the page.
  • Optimize all of your images before you host them. Some great free sites that will optimize images are:https:/tinypng.com/and http://jpeg-optimizer.com/
  • Test your site speed. You want to aim for less that 3 second load times. A great tool I use is http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/
  • Don’t use flash or other legacy technologies
  • Use a font size of 14px or more.


Frooition Discount – Save on design in time for the holidays

September 16th, 2014

Frooition Discount Code

Frooition Discount Details:

As an early Holiday bonus we are offering a massive 20% Frooition discount off eBay & Bigcommerce design!

Simply purchase an eBay design and matching Bigcommerce website and we will knock 20% off the retail prices (you could save as much as £1000/$1600)

You can also “go mobile” with a mobile eBay template and fully responsive Bigcommerce design to make the most of the increasing power of mobile-commerce.

When we create 2 or more stores with the same branding it becomes easier for us to deliver the additional designs at the same time.

As it is easier we can save costs and we pass the saving on to you as a Frooition discount!

In order to receive the Frooition discount :

  • Designs must be identical branding for eBay & Bigcommerce
  • Designs must be the same level (e.g. Advanced eBay and Advanced Bigcommerce)
  • Designs must be purchased at the same time

Find out more or get in touch…

Don’t Leave it too late

September 9th, 2014

Now is the time to act!

“35% of annual ecommerce revenue is made in Q4 alone.”
-Eseller Media

If you are looking to invest in your business you should act now to maximize your ROI.
Frooition designs are proven to increase sales, so it makes sense to have a design installed now, in time for your busiest season.

Don’t forget; creating a fantastic eBay, Bigcommerce or Rakuten store takes time.

Our typical delivery time depends upon your requirements and how many revisions you have.

Our average delivery time is 4-5 weeks from start to finish.

Click here to find out more and work out your delivery date

Action Comics #1 Auction – the first ever appearance of Superman!

August 26th, 2014


Frooition are delighted and excited to be part of the highly anticipated action comics No1 project on eBay: Pristine Comics have just sold an original Action Comics #1 featuring Superman’s debut!

The comic went for a staggering $3,207,852.00 (approx £1.9 M). That’s a pretty good return on the original 10c cover price!

The original Action Comics number 1 was published in June 1938; the first run had 200,000 copies and was an anthology of multiple comics. It is estimated that only 50-100 original copies exist in varying conditions.

Action Comics #1 was the first comic to ever reach $1 million and the last copy sold in 2011 went for a staggering $2.16 Million.

The owners of this comic (Pristine Comics) are collectors and sellers of high value comics and collectables and have an impressive collection in their fantastic looking store, proudly created by Frooition:


EBay have done a lot of promotion for this historic auction including building a great looking promotional page that explains more about the auction: http://cc.ebay.com/action-comics/

The guys at Pristine Comics are also donating a portion of the proceeds to the Christopher & Dana Reeves foundation.

Congratulations to the buyer for winning this rare auction and well done to the team at eBay and Pristine comics for all their hard work!

NOW is the time to act…

August 19th, 2014

Want to increase your sales? Thinking of investing in your business?

NOW is the time to act…


For the vast majority of our customers Q4 is by far the busiest quarter of the year.

If you are thinking of investing in your business, now is the correct time to do so as you stand the highest chance of receiving ROI (return on investment).

Investments may include:

Is cash flow is too tight to re-invest in your business at the moment? There are a number of services that offer short term working business capital that can help give your business a boost.

Providers include:

Timing is key…

Most investments take money, but also time. This includes your time to organize investments and discuss internally but most investments also take the time of suppliers to deliver the investments.

If you are adding stock lines it may take a few weeks to get stock in place, you then need time to make space in your stock storage areas, finally you have to catalog and list the stock to your online channels.

Don’t fall into the trap of adding new stock too late, you will end up too busy to sell it and it will just get in the way.

If you are thinking of revamping your branding, this also takes time, Frooition build a new eBay design or Bigcommerce website typically in 3-6 weeks (depending upon seller requirements and revisions).

We make it really easy to apply design to eBay listings, but it does take a little time to roll the design out – so don’t leave it too late to improve your brand.

Design discount

If you decide to go ahead with new branding for Q4 Frooition would like to help…

A design project signed up this week would be completed before the 1st of October, benefiting your store throughout Q4 and the holiday season.

To help out further we are offering massive discounts of when sellers purchase a brand matching design for eBay and Bigcommerce.

Contact us today and ask about our combo discounts.