eBay Out of Stock Control for Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings

April 22nd, 2014

eBay Out of Stock Control

We are pleased to announce that the Frooition listing tool now supports the new eBay Out Of Stock Control feature.

Historically GTC (Good ’til cancelled) items were removed from eBay when their quantity reached zero, resulting in sellers having to create new items once they had restocked.

By using the eBay Out of Stock Control functionality sellers can keep their GTC items alive, even when the quantity reaches zero.  Items that have no quantity, which are therefore unavailable for purchase, are removed from the eBay search results but continue to keep their listing page to advertise themselves to buyers.

eBay Out of Stock Control

This feature is useful when sellers are waiting for stock of an item. Instead of ending the item and then recreating it when the stock arrives, sellers can use this feature to instead hide the item. When the stock arrives in stock simply revise the item quantity and the product is available for purchase!

Why use eBay Out of Stock Control for your listings?

  • The item retains the same item number
  • The item’s listing page is kept live
  • The count of items sold is preserved
  • The item is not removed from any buyer’s watch list
  • Exposure to other search engines is maintained
  • Sales history is retained – helping you with your best match ranking

The Out Of Stock Control is not available via eBay’s listing tool (sell your item page).

Sellers can only make use of it through third parties that have implemented it, including Frooition.

As a certified eBay provider, Frooition have made this functionality available to all users of our listing tool:

eBay Out of Stock Control

In addition, users who subscribe to the Frooition Bulk Revision tool have the ability to add this functionality to existing live eBay items.

For more information on how to use the new functionality please see the Knowledge base article.

Happy Easter from Frooition and Froo Apps

April 15th, 2014


Easter is fast approaching; stores have been stocked with eggs since Christmas and sellers are pushing Easter and spring related products.

Popular Easter based products include:

  • Chocolate melting equipment
  • Cake & baking supplies
  • Craft supplies
  • Cards
  • Easter eggs and sweets

If you are selling Easter related products why not try using a Froo template theme. There are 80 Easter themes to choose from and hundreds more universal templates available.

Template Themes has a 30 day free trial and then £2.50 ($4.85US) per month thereafter.

Examples include:

Find out more about Template Themes

eBay Annoucements: Changes to revisions policy for Fixed Price

April 9th, 2014


eBay.com have today announced that sellers can make certain revisions to fixed price listings even if they have a sale or pending Best Offer.

Sellers can now revise:

  • Title
  • Category (primary and secondary)
  • Best Offer status
  • Pictures

For items that have made a sale or have a pending best offer.

Find out more: http://announcements.ebay.com/2014/04/sellers-updates-to-fixed-price-listings-offer-additional-flexibility/

New Frooition Rakuten Store Design Service

April 8th, 2014

BlogImageToday, we are proud to announce a new line of design services for Rakuten Marketplaces.

We have developed new store design services for Buy.com (US) and Play.com (UK).

About the design services:

We create a great looking designs based on 1 or 2 column layouts.

Your design can be branded as a standalone store or as part of a multi-channel package, meaning you have consistent design on your eBay store, eCommerce store and Rakuten store.

Add additional modules to your store for extra functionality and navigation:

  • Shop by brand (includes 6 brand logos)
  • Imaged based category boxes (includes 6)
  • Custom product group page (category landing page)
  • Custom page links
  • Static Deal of the day/week/month box
  • Special offer box

A design specialist will take you through your design options to create a truly unique store for your business.



Buy.com makes it really easy to sell your items both in the US and Japan using a central shipping centre in Utah.

Buy.com is inexpensive to list products to, there is a membership fee of $33 per month and a commission on items sold but no listing fees.


Play.com has over 16 Million Customers making it the 3rd biggest marketplace in the UK.

Play offers a full account management service to help get started and have a large support team to aid your selling.

Their selling commissions are based on a sliding scale with very competitive rates ad there are no listing fees so you only pay for sales made.

More information

For more information or a tailored quote see:

Buy.com Design (USA):  http://www.frooition.com/us/rakuten-stores.html

Play.com Design (UK):   http://www.frooition.com/uk/rakuten-stores.html

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2014 – 25% discount code

April 1st, 2014

CA DiscountCode

Frooition are proud to be sponsoring and attending the ChannelAdvisor EU Catalyst on the 10th April 2014.

As a sponsor the folks at ChannelAdvisor have given us an exclusive 25% off code to entry to the event to share with our clients and followers.

Get 25% off ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2014:

Visit http://www.channeladvisor.com/catalyst2014/#UK/Registration and register online.

At the checkout enter the Discount Code:25FRO2014 

CA DiscountCodeCoupon

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst EU 2014 Speakers:

Catalyst will be hosting keynotes and speeches from:

  • Jo Malone, Founder of the Jo Malone fragrance and cosmetics company
  • Suzanne Miglucci, CMO, ChannelAdvisor
  • Chris Poad, Director of seller services, Amazon
  • Peter Muhlmann, CEO, Trustpilot
  • James Hardy, EMEA Director, Alibaba
  • Murray Lambell, Director cross border trade, eBay Europe
  • Link Walls, VP product management, ChannelAdvisor
  • Jamie Claar, Product Manager, Channel Advisor
  • Jackie Jenkins, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor
  • Andy Lloyd GM ecommerce Products, Netsuite
  • Igor Tarasenko, Commercial Director, Yandex
  • Carole Woodhead, CEO, Hermes LTD
  • David Lloyd, Industry Head, Google UK.

Frooition are proud to be sponsoring and will be answering questions from attendees from our stand in the sponsor area. Pop by our stand and say hello!

Frooition will be at CA Catalyst 2014 – London Metropole 10th April

March 28th, 2014


Frooition are attending ChannelAdvisor Catalyst London 10th April.

Frooition are supporting the annual Channel Advisor catalyst event at the Hilton London Metropole on the 10th of April 2014.

If you are attending stop by at the Frooition stand and say Hi! We will be showcasing our latest designs as well as displaying our newest services and offers.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to network and discuss current trends and best practices with leading online executives, analysts, solution providers, top online retailers and other thought leaders

If you have not yet registered to attend the event you can register here.   Don’t forget to enter the discount code: 25FRO2014 to receive 25% off the registration fee!

Register for Catalyst 2014

Easter Template Themes

March 25th, 2014


Easter is fast approaching and the shops are filling up with chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies, now is the time to get your Easter related products listed on eBay as well as advertising your spring/summer item.

Celebrate Easter in style with our selection of Easter themed listing template themes from Froo Apps:


There are more than 60 Easter themed designs to choose from, but don’t forget you can apply different designs to different listings so you have a choice of over 6,000 designs.

Sign up now for a 30 day free trial

Preparing for Easter Sales

March 18th, 2014

prep for easter

Easter is fast approaching; for many eBay buyers it marks the time to get outside and improve the garden.  People start washing their cars, going out on bike rides and preparing for their summer holidays.

With Easter just around the corner and everyone starting to come out of hibernation now is a great time to think about your stock and updating your store for the new season.  What do you sell that may be relevant to peoples activities at this time of year.

If you have Easter products then they need to be front and center of your store now rather than the start of April, people will be buying chocolate eggs, baking accessories, craft items (for making Easter bonnets) and fancy dress items for parties and school plays.

2014 also sees the start of the FIFA world cup in Brazil, so hundreds of thousands of people will be getting ready to watch the matches, sales of TV’s and surround sound systems will increase, if the weather is good people will no doubt have garden parties to celebrate and collectors will be snapping up anything with a Brazil 2014 logo.

FYI: the 2014 World cup kicks off on June 12th.

We have put together a list of what we think your buyers will be doing in the next few months but you know your products and your customers better than anyone so take a look through your inventory and make a plan for your suspected bestsellers, go back through last year’s sales figures and see what did well last spring.

List of Spring/Summer related product categories:

  • BBQ and outdoor cooking
  • Garden furniture
  • Outdoor/Garden tools
  • Trampolines
  • Paddling/swimming pools
  • Cycling accessories
  • Running Accessories
  • Holiday products:
    • Sun cream
    • Suitcases
    • Swimming accessories
    • Travel adapters
    • eBook readers
    • Car washing accessories
    • Convertible Cars
    • Classic car parts
    • Boating accessories
    • Extreme sports accessories

World Cup related categories:

  • Footballs
  • Football Kits& boots
  • World cup branded paraphernalia and collectibles
  • Televisions and accessories
  • HDD recording devices
  • Surround sound systems
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Beer fridges
  • Garden furniture
  • Face paint & Fancy dress
  • Flags
  • Vuvuzela, air horns, whistles, rattles and clackers

It is also a good idea to update your marketing for the spring/summer season, update you main central imagery to depict images of people outside having fun in the sun using seasonal products rather than cold wintery scenes from the Christmas season.

If you are an existing customer and need any new graphics creating for the summer season get in touch or browse through the design extras inside the Frooition software.

Thinking of getting a new design?

Now is a great time to act ready to improve your sales through spring/summer and to get your return on investment.

Visit http://www.frooition.com/uk/contact.html and speak to us today!